Thursday, November 22, 2012

Christmas Fun

Hello dear parents,

  Some of you asked me for ideas topractice English with your Ipads. Here is a list of interesting APPS that I have been using with them in class and at home with my own children Enjoy!

The Nutcracker Musical Storybook

The Nutcracker Musical Storybook This iPad version by Mouse King Media presents 27 fully orchestrated musical arrangements of Tchaikovsky's. All illustrations and animations are hand painted by London based artist Yoko Tanaka. A wonderful musical storybook app for iPad to read or re-read with the kids. 

Stagecoach Education: Project Christmas Top Learning App for Under 5s

Stagecoach Xmas
Stagecoach Education: Project Christmas is a top fun educational Christmas apps for kids under 5s. It offer a 30 Christmas-Themed pages with various activities to reinforce early learning. A top creative and educational app that will keep the kids learning and entertained during the Holiday Season!


Dora's Christmas Carol Adventure

by Nickelodeon

Fans of Dora the Explorer should enjoy this Christmas adventure. In addition to appearances by show mainstays, such as Swiper the Fox and Boots the Monkey, there are plenty of fun ways to interact with the app. The app features an engaging story, complete with time travel, a grumpy old troll, and a dance with Santa himself. What will be a bonus for parents is that the app is also educational; it's a fun way for kids to pick up a little Spanish.

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